Photo Booth FAQ

How does the photo booth work?

Enclosed: We have a custom designed Photo Booth that provides a classic booth experience. When you enter you will take a seat on a bench, hit a red button, take up to four pictures, and receive your photo strip in the slot on the outside of the booth.

Open Air: Instead of going into a booth you stand in front of a backdrop. The photo booth operator will start the sequence when you are ready. The photos will appear instantly on the screen. Seconds after the last shot is taken, your pictures are printed.

How many people can fit inside an enclosed photo booth?

4-5 comfortably, although the current record is 14!

How many photo sessions can we take?

To infinity and beyond!

How long does it take to setup a photo booth?

We need access to your venue one hour before we go live. If that does not work and you need the booth set up earlier we can put the photo booth in an idle status. Idle time is an extra $60/hour.

Can I get my event name or logo printed on the photo strips?

We’ll brand and layout your photos any way you would like. Photo strips are fully customizable to your liking. Just let us know what you want and we will work on it until you are 100% satisfied.

Is there an attendant with the photo booth for the entire time?

Yep! Our professional and friendly attendant stays with the Photo Booth to ensure it works properly and to help guests with any questions.

What is required to run the photo booth?

Enclosed: Our booth is 3.5 feet wide and 7 feet deep. An ideal space is 10’x10′

Open Air: An ideal space is 13’x13′
Besides space we also require a standard, three prong electrical outlet (110 volt) similar to what your TV would use.

Can a photo booth be used outdoors?

Yes! We just need a 110 volt power source and a flat, dry, hard surface. A shaddy spot works best. We can bring a white shade tent and portable battery if needed for an additional cost.

Will you travel with your booth?

Heck Yeah! There is no transportation fee within the Portland Metro Area. Anything within 30 miles of downtown Portland. Anything further let us know and we will give you an estimate.

Do you need a deposit to reserve my date?

We require a $200 retainer and a signed contract to book your event. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event. If we receive notice of cancellation at least 14 days prior to the event, we’ll absolutely give you a full refund.

Is the photo booth rental insured?

Of course! Flash PhotoBooth is a fully insured company and registered with the state of Oregon.