Open Air Photo Booth

The benefits of having an open air photo booth at your event:

They get the party started while providing entertainment for the people watching!

Open air booths are entertaining for both your guests who get photographed and the ones who are a little shy to start, because everyone can see the silliness that is happening. Having an open booth welcomes everyone to join the fun and get photographed! We find it only takes a few guests to start before everyone is in the photo booth or just hanging around laughing at people being silly.

They accommodate large groups and guests of all ages.

Our Open Air Photo Booth easily photographs large groups of guests without smushing anyone or capturing funny angles. Another benefit is anyone, including elderly or disabled guests, can be photographed because there is no small door to climb through. This is our most popular photo booth for company parties, fund raising events and weddings. We have several elegant backdrop options including a green screen.

The booth enhances the party energy at most events!

The backdrops we have available for our open air booths are easily visible, drawing in your guests to see what is going one. The openness of the booth encourages guests to mingle while they wait and often massive group shots invite everyone around to join. Everyone loves a photo booth!

Flash Photo Booth Open Air Booth

Our open photo booth is perfect for festivals, concerts, weddings & more.